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The Right Coating Thickness Gauge

The Right Coating Thickness Gauge for Every Requirement and Environment

In order to be able to solve your measuring task correctly and validly, the selection of the suitable measuring method is essential. Thus, it´s a decisive factor for the success of your coating thickness measurement. To remove any doubts: all measuring methods of our protable coating thickness gauges have in common that they provide non-destructive coating thickness measurements – without exception.

WELLZiON Coating Thickness Gauges

Features and Benefits

  • WELLZiON coating thickness gauges are user-friendly, easy to use and offer a high degree of flexibility
  • All our portable coating thickness gauges measure with non-destructive measuring methods
  • Coating thickness gauges capture measurement results automatically when the probe is put on
  • Wide range of coating thickness gauges for almost any measurement task in tactile coating thickness measurement
  • Designed for different industries and their indivudual requirements

Applications of our coating thickness gauges


Wet Coating | Powder Coating


Automotive expert | Car dealerships | Body work


Shipbuilding | Offshore | Bridges | Energy distribution | Chemical industry


Electroplating | Anodising | Thin film

Our products

The wide range of our coating thickness gauges allows the non-destructive measurement of coatings in different sectors.

Our support

Do you have a technical question? A question about our repair or calibration service? Send us an e-mail and we will be happy to offer you some advice.

The company

Our equipment operates non-destructiv with two different measurement methods: Magnetic induction and eddy current, depending on the nature of the metallic base material.

Coating thickness gauges are global players

If you would like more information on our coating thickness gauges, or would like a quote or demo, then please contact us.